The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

gitude. Provided you think proper you are at liberty to in-

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mus, and the patient had persistent fever, and a chill. A

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The patient, a female, aged twenty three, gives a fam-

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^^ istragalus and by the evidence that many people sutTering

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evident from the gradual change from yellowish to blue

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He was the Bergman of France. He was more than Berg*

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elicited, in a manner similar to that in which one metal is pre-

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t With these two changes accomplished, even to the de-

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after what seems a very mysterious illness. On January

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in adults. Of what had been spoken of during the even-

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lary bundle, or are they given off from the medullary bundle

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worse than they found him, and liable to fresh attack the

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itself was at times of benefit. The physician in charge of

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to Phthisis. — Girl, aged fifteen. Parents both died of

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a current of quantitity that is barely perceptible exter-

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In tuberculosis of the lungs and the larynx one proceeds

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month. Such a course has brought the Sections into closer

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third ventricle, the pedicles of the pineal gland, and the two

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all the symptoms. Next day (October 7 th), patient was

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does not speak against the tubercular nature of the case

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from the many losses he now sustains from those well

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in view that there is not a single case on record in which

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ledged that they had been employed in plucking the leaves of

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and thirty minutes. Rallied well. By January loth some

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