The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

was motor paralysis of one lower extremity, and paraly-

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over which he had no control, he. Dr. Girdner, had had

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from aphonia, which varied from time to time, sometimes

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i.e., the predisposing and the determining causes. The

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duced to perception of shadows. Iodide of potash in

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speak it a disguised or anomalous intermittent. It how-

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i:)regnancy demanded that premature labor should be in-

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ness of his own impotence, and, oft times, of the irreme-

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of the growth above described." The patient, living a long

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isfactory number. Thus, botli the baths and exercise

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back se.veral years and which is probably due to an uni-

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a result of a low state of the health, which may be the

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high time that we should give up the idea of infection

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with lard after nine hours ; in the case of the carbolic

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extension of the inflammation from about the tubercular

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27th of 0.0005 gm. and o.ooi gm. respectively. The re-

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four hours — at one time for forty-eight hours. Consid-

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2d, 6th, and 7th, at the College of Physicians and Sur-

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ence oi the primary lesions has a marked influence in de-

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