The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

her first visit, and I had not thought her nearly so far ad-

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ess, and the use of the hot loop, the palvano cautery

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vous system, and in addition antiseptic properties ; but

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readily soluble in water and alcohol and extremely hy-

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source of contagion, as in cases where modern methods

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I apprehended that as the discharge should cease, and

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cations to be made to Dr. D. M. Stimson, No. 11 West

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In the foregoing discussion I am fully conscious of

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son for wishing to record this case is, that should such other

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the surface of both dura mater and pia, so that it is not

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only boracic and muriatic acid, and may be regarded as bora-

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the north side they are bounded, in part, by an auxiliary

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slept much better than before, and feels excellent ; 4 P..Nt. :

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Patient left the city for its home on sixteenth day after

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the treatment was discontinued, owing to the great thick-

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not because the physician must necessarily practise all

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haave, the systems of Stahl, Ens and Stachelin, are noticed by

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vulsive movements of the face were observed once dur-

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thvs seems to be the test which distinguishes the oxymuriatic

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lies, were not very remote from what I had ascertained hy direct

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agents of chemistry, is a phenomenon of a perfectly new

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gins as a small pustule or as a minute, red excoiia-

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the centre of the gland. If the glandular intumescence

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had been introduced into the tube, and secured from the in-

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law establishing a State Board of Medical Examiners, and

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many bacilli in her sputum. Characteristic tubercular

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If hydrogen be supposed to be a simple body, and nitrogen

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The matters with which the Prussic acid and iron are combined,

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from the long-continued exhibition of antipyrin, an ob-

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