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The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

severe as to suggest an acute enteritis, especially if the stools have a watery
claims a high mortality in drunkards. Sex, apart from pregnancy, has no
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that this is possible. A nurse should be in charge. If this is not possible and
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habits, to qualify a remark about occupation, to examine a
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softening, in seventy-five per cent, it is of syphilitic origin;
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warns him of the approach of evil and saves him from con-
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sionally appear after any treatment, upon a patient once
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Alleged Injurious Effects of Antitoxin. — A great deal has been said
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Dust Infection. — True dust infection requires that the organism with-
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a few years it would surely prove to be a paying investment,
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The greatest difficulty is in differentiating smallpox from varicella. Even
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tuberculin, a crude substance obtained from large quantities of the bacilli
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stances, such as lactic acid, nucleinic acid, bacterial disintegration products,
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by copper-colored or reddish areas, at first more or less elevated and scaly,
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this seem to indicate the action of a toxic substance which may suddenly
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intestinal hemorrhage, incontinence of urine and fseces, emaciation in pro-
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Crisofi found the iodophilic reaction in 80 per cent, of the leukocytes,
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"The effect of the loss of a limb, or a special sense, it is
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reported a case of bilateral neuritis of the upper extremities coming on
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rence of surprising natural phenomena and outbreaks of influenza. W^e are
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tween disinfectants and antiseptics may be made in relation
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change. The persistent swelling, especially after use, and the formation of
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from traces of albumin." Spaeth, 1897, — "In perfectly
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upon the location and extent of the membrane and upon the later symptoms.
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in which hydrocephalus exists with a patent canal of Magendie. Another
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membranes. Infection rarely takes place in any other way than by design,
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cycle. They begin as small bodies of approximately the same size in the
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virulent pathogenic organisms. It is most commonly observed in the case
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ing, in all other respects he presents signs of good health,
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found. The blood in the urine depends more on the amount of hemor-
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whereas in the latter the percentage was thirteen, ten and
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Intervals, or intermittently. We do not see the old ammonium carbonate
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Inflammation of the mastoid cells is of rare occurrence, but the probability
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organisms, which rapidly decrease in number after the crisis. The duration
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or orange juice and some sugar if desired. To this enough water is added
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yet must be this essential, personal contact between
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but, as a rule, there are no subjective symptoms. The erythematous eruption
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the disease occurred once in 40 houses, several times in 44, and not at all

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