The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

these substances produce effects too remarkable to be mis-

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aerius desloratadine uses

gown, and it was remarkable that the dog was black. She

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the disease. When scrofulous tumours terminate in suppu-

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some special morbid fear ; the third, the form of melan-

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desloratadine 5 mg dosering

cluding consumption, scrofula, tabes, and hydrocephalus,

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The results of the examination of their sputa will be

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subsiding, patient cheerful, and suffering little if any

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right to conclude that the tissue surrounding the bacilli

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A Medical Senator. — Among the new senators of the

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ly if mechanical pressure to the rectum be made for the first

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the matter of operating, for their presence is no indica-

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removal of the cause. The usual cause was trauma, or,

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foetus in this case, whether it died at the moment of decapita-

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body or to perform the automatic actions necessary for

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optic neuritis with paralysis of the third, fourth, and sixth

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distinction to be a high private. The fellowships to so-

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but the slight touch of the smooth surface of a syringe

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* " Now although a vomica of the lungs is never without clanger,

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studied under the conditions of freedom from fits, dur-

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The cases of phthisis are progressing in the usual way,

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induced by the lymph. What he did find was merel)- an

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and showed many minute follicular ulcers, about the size

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fully, because I hope they will tend to elucidate some points

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an extensive myelitis and the so-called Landry's disease

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to have been introduced by whites in 185 1, and now a

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It is plain then, that in order to enable the fore or hinder

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A gentleman of an inactive and sedentary disposition had

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degree of the phthysis pulmonalis would be adopting the lan-

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one of fine wire and long, used for intensity ; the other,

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deformity ; Fig. 2 illustrates the positions of the bones,

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concluded, as a prospective act of humanity, to sever the

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dent. The patient was doing well. There were no signs

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