The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

have disappeared, only a few fine pleuritic crepitations


cember nth, by Bardeleben, of Berlin, one case of lep-

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direction indicated, and everybody was willing to be con-

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last two days of the observation when no inoculations

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the greater infrequency of relapses by this than by other

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deserving. Frequently the young "Dispensary Doctor "

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northern countries, in the Scandinavian Peninsula for

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per cent, of mortality from pylorectomy for cancer, by

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till 9 P.M., when it began to descend, reaching at twelve

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shall not deal here, except to state that generally they are

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Mr. B. took fourteen doses of those powders, containing

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The shedding began in his first year and recurred every

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medicine are greater, more lofty, more desirable, and

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Dr. Prudden, throughout the period of inoculations. The

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in 1868 ; the honorary title of " Professor " was conferred

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a little larger than those of the patient. This would prevent

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from the contiguous and persistent blood-current distal to

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1.4 per cent, of the total mortality, and 1,571, or 1.5 per

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presented a report of such a case, and Dr. T. Mitchell

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in several instances caused death, thus far five times in the

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let. Through this the monster could easily break, but he

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gen generated : and to these must be added, the quantity of

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