The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

properties as to render it a matter of the utmost impor-

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of type distinguish the main outlines under each heading

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as long as the time of observation is but a few weeks.

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ligr. each ; January 9th to 25th, a daily dose of 3 milli-

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the hand into the uterus. The uterine cavity was then well

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enterostomy, he thought that if the former required two

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would be no lack of men who would, for a mere pittance,

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biliary calculus, which had been removed from the body

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promising as we might wish. Part III., under the head-

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until by a spasmodic movement it was displaced, when

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low, have undoubtedly, for a very long time, regarded the

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By direction of the Secretary of War, relieved from fur-

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sess equally positive and differing physiological properties.

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al in effecting a cure, but I consider that the dark room

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Mr. Allingham reports twelve cases of spontaneous cures

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allies, pure terebene and its allies, cheken and cubebs,

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tubercular foci were already present, but latent, and were

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given daily. The improvement in these cases was very

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Such facts tend naturally to destroy the complete har-

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ounce of melted white wax with one-half ounce of vase-

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posable material is removed by drainage, germs may be

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other than can be gathered from the reports of cases is

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rhoea may be found all over the country. One-eyed men

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sentially a place for spectacular demonstrations to large

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Now that it is an assured fact that the College of Physi-

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Election of Officers. — Dr. Francis Delafield was re-

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