The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

not so rich in saccharine matter. However, as plantations

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tine liquor of the amnios examined by those chymists not having

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for a horse's back, I had the misfortune to spill boiling rosin

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A study of these people, and of some other tribe s in dif-

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solution was disengaged with so much rapidity, that there

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great (retiuency, the fineness, so to speak, of the electric

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severity and the excretion of sugar scanty. — L Union

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vescence, or at least one scarcely perceptible. Its tint changes

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changes. The cUnical history was also somewhat differ-

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than to surmise that the gall-bladder was full of stones,

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for all the modern improvements in chymical knowledge.

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WM. WOOD & Co., Nos. 56 and 58 Lafayette. Place.

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caused by the inoculation mostly closes over with a sticky

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region is being dissected. This position greatly facili-

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age-tubes, washed out each nostril with warm bichloride

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an interesting case of femoral salpingocele {T/ie British

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in left has continued until present time ; states could

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From what I have stated it appears, 1st. That the bright

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to muscle, and skin to skin, the parts being evenly coap-

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the bottom, and filled with a very weak solution of meth-

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sometimes necessary to control bleeding. Never use more

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it was not a recognizable symptom. Moreover, it was not

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whose modest purpose is indicated on its title-page.

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may be conceived to combine with the potassium to form

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of mouth and teeth, and upon the general condition of

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