The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

that while he was aware ligation of the vertebral was not
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very proper that they should do so, for giving away valu-
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Around each spot is a large area of cicatricial tissue. No
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Surgeon- General of Florida. — Dr. Henry Bacon, of
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interstitial tonsillitis, were it not doubtful whether an in-
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the artificial opening had been reduced in diameter to 9
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spondingly restored, his ability to walk increases, bright
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acres, and to have its farm buildings and stock ; also a
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of the tonsils, like those of the alimentary canal, are
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ist, but his condition remaining stationary for some time,
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fact, the able Mr. Pott, in speaking of the tendency of
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callosities, however, do not usually produce any other bad
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the progress of the disease. The principal drugs men-
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days as a result of the transfusion of blood according to
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A small piece of wood covered with two grains of upas
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scraping of the bone and paracentesis of the abdomen,
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* Dr. Vaughans cases and observation* on hydrop, page 22,
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The lecturer expressed verj- decided opinions as to
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depend upon for strength and safety I must prepare my
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of protecting medical practitioners from the abuse of dis-
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haustion. By this means the basis of a curative process
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visited a physician in this city on Saturday at 4 p.m., and
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Case of Pemphigus, " by H. R. Hopkins, .M.D.. of Buf-
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into the Mainland, opposite the north or northeast end of

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