The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

cations of the nature and location of the disorder.

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The secret of its comfort in its food and sleep lay

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and exudants of a viscid and gelatinous consistency, are very soon

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want of sleep impair the appetite. On account of the impairment

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about by cutting the cord must be due to more than shock.

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baths, lobelia, and capsicum. At the time that this doctrine was

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swabbinf? and donchin"-. The local treatment I nsed in all

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highly creditable to themselves, and which, in the estimation of the

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l'2th, 5 million. The patient was last seen on .January 14th,

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lose their 'nine lives ' and are 'gathered to their

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mother returning to nurse her child at different times in

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and a forceps passed upwards and inwards in froni of the

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upon hasty generalizations in the line of heredity.

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the study of the natural phenomena of diseases, what must have

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His was a name, rich with the generous deeds of generations — a

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gland. No enlarged glands or external evidence of its

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(c) Undue preponderance of some element causing dis-

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surgeon may be very considerably hampered in his work on

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traction produced by this, on the dislocated limb, is sufficient to

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terial commonly called "stones " or "gravel." Thej^ may

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"At the first sign of dryness of the ear, fill with dry

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fore cold weather sets in, and it also allows for some

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appetite fair ; strength less than a week ago. 28th. — Condition

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not only for the purpose of retaining the uterus in situ, and to ren-

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(•2.) Notice shall, if possible, be given to the General Secretary, or the

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medical films, wished lo charge this department for

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plications, a swollen and distorted appearance. In the Southern

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of the abdomen, jjelvis, back, and upper extremities,

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sight is impaired by having to face a glare of light.

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and on leaving the hospital nineteen days later the

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the statistical method of Cnidos, but the method of

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rate, the pulse pressure, the tension of the pulse,

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were given at intervals of about four or five days.

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incision is pushed to one side, and an incision made

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niediuip by substances capable of taking up chlorine,

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with a few exceptions, command either the approval or respect of

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this operation ought not to be advised in these cases,

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F., it proved ^that the mercury was easily depressed by this a;;eiit

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