The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

Periactin Tablets Weight Gain

Thursday, 12th July 2018

numerous series of papers, in which so many objects of an-

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by Mr. P. A. Fish ; and by Professor B. G. Wilder, " The

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to the age of the patient. In the intermission I have com-

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vision it was useless to test the color sense. He gave a

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of disease, or defect of brain, will cease to be a disgrace.

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destruction of the diseased tissue, otherwise the absorb-

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interstitial tissue is also involved. On the other hand, if

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should not be restrained from hawking their nostrums

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tions might be made to this mode of accounting for the phe-

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could make to arrest it. There has never been any dis

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burnt in oxygen gas, water is formed, or that water is gene-

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affected area since the previous note. Weight of pa-

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paper to discuss at length the etiology of this condition

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all the varieties of tuberculosis, that of meninges, lungs,

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" I don't account for them ; I can't explain them ; I

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tolled above all other therapy, while as a uterine sedative

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longer applies to experimentation in these directions.

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flicted, till the symptoms of canine madness were apparent, seems

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subduction of inflammation were immediately prescribed

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Gerhardt states that apparently tuberculosis of the

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Accordingly on September 21st the patient was anaes-

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woman has gone into athletics. On January 15 th the

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Special Lectures by Professor T. Gaillard Thomas. —

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a medical societ)-, nothing can prevent him from intro-

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ing with the strength and firmness of the bulb and the

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and do not, like the easily fusible alkalies, give indications of

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were as regards medical science. Our moderns would be

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conceived to be supplied to the tin, and hydrogen to the ox-

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colic was found to have been due to a large gall-stone

periactin tablets weight gain

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