The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

Detrol La Cost

Thursday, 12th July 2018

In the Nouvelles Archives dObstetr. et de Gyn., 1889,
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ists a grave malady of the digestive organs, in which
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use for works of this kind. This present double-number
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empyema already exists, the pus-corpuscles, through
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lute rest. This appeared in 1884, and fluid, described as
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these with an oil which contained some of one of the es-
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in Germany, though not in the best soil, give a very good
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slower destruction. The latter might be primary, or sec-
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but which still acts mildly when applied externally. Ap-
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tual neutralization and preserves the alkalinity of the
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fifty trees of the white birch, two pounds and a half of brown
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hundred drops of laudanum and two ounces of water, was
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E. Gruening. Injected, December 23, 1890, with 0.001
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wound was again dressed, about half an ounce of blood-
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linic interrupted current. Furthermore, its static quality
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couragement to the " world betterer ; " but we learn from
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has been appropriated by the Legislature to pay for the
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feated and it may be adopted, but we want to say to all
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Dr. H. M. Biggs said that his pathological observations
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connection with the recent reports of similar cases in the
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