The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

were not sufficiently large to test them likewise by means of

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the most prosperous part of his career his pupil, Alexander

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given the first day, in accordance \vith the fact that when

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uniform they have proved to be far from absolutely so.

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kaline practice has been successfully pursued since the year

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lapse, as well as the periodicity of the relapses seen in

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five previous normal labors ; eight months pregnant. Pur-

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toneal coats of each were united by a line of continuous

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ing that I venture to send to you already this prelim-

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After repeated trials I was at length enabled, with a bou-

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of the Ung : Mercur : Fort : to be rubbed on her thighs,

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other hand, the combining of individual physicians into

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reasons for believing the bacterial cause of cancer to be a

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Bronson, M.D., of New York; '• Croupous Rhinitis," by

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agent, used as he had described, might exert some germi-

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by the force around her, and as there was no time to be lost,

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curials in the treatment of syphilitic affections of the eye

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any liquid just before retiring. They sleep well in this

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amined for color blindness, and 41 were found to be suf-

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may be but slightly altered. In these cases I have never

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laries of the human being, and not be arrested in the

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bones and joints, and of the skin, while the mortality of

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walking about the city so fleshy, strong and ruddy, that

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method of medication, has been until now unanswered.

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equipped club-house and gymnasium and secured a mem-

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a way or to such an e.vtent as in gynecolog)'. We did

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recumbent position, to the furthest extent possible.

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dually becomes opaque and turbid, and at last deposits a brown

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bacillus in liquid media, and later prepared cultures in

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the scalpel, it is liable to the same doubt as all similar ope-

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