The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

eccentricities in journalism. Some time ago one excel-

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M. M. Gay Lussac and Thenard, as I have mentioned on

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area extends for a distance of four cubits on all sides of

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action occurring to o.ooi gm. On the nth, she received

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three times for progressive caries. First inoculation,

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The bulk of the steatomatous, &c is the principal inconve-

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strates the result that would have followed had the prop-

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et virulent ; et presque toujours accompagn^ de callo-

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rate later on. This joint was treated by the m.-thod in

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Upon examination were found deep and suspicious-look-

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elocon salep fungsi

William James Mac Neven, M. D. Professor of Chemis-

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Allen, and W'endt, are the result of the examination of

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the college halls would not seek the advice of shopmen

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ceptible to the deleterious effects of phenol and its deriva-

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remarkable is the fact that about eighty per cent, of the

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in with the line of argument I am tryirg to pursue. The

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rated some time previously— prol)ably with a non-steri-

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fever curve as of no value. ^Mthough estimating it of

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which forms a copious whitish precipitate, with the infusion

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alleged cases of rabies in dogs may be cases of some

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paralysis was not usually present, but when it did exist it

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January 12th. — Injection of 0.00055 g^"- Tempera

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necessarily he knows nothing, and concerning which the

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usually in a much improved condition. He had himself

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for the purpose of establishing the Conjoint Board. Dr.

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experiments on the bacillus of blue milk, in which the

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liydrogen, explains the difference of action of trichlor-

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with an ordinary good-sized catgut ligature. Both wounds

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yet blindness followed, resulting, he thought, from an op

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may be located in the spinal coverings, the terminal

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elocon cream indications

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