The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

Erexin Tablet

Thursday, 12th July 2018

of the respiratory surfaces. Applied in crystals, it is a mild and
tions are uniform, not unequal, and are not removed by coughing.
Usual Prescription. — 1£ Calcarea phosphorica, 3x, gr. xx to
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"The sage exerts a tonic influence on the skin, and to a less
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patients, generally indicating mitral disease. It is also seen in
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in the right calf, together with, an indistinct elongated area of induration.
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Mater ^^ Brandy and Water,'' if not altogether by "merum"
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giving strength to it. and facilitating the passage of venous blood.
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tion of the degree of contraction of the abdominal muscles, no
erexin-v side effects
should have such huge beams in their own ? Is it true
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characterized by tenacious discharges, which are often offensive
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changing into a bluish black color, and are seldom forgotten
"I have treated successfully several cases of inveterate chronic
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therewith at the millenium of ^^ every poet his own Aris-
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other hand, when in frogs rendered diabetic, larger por-
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Nathan E. Brill. An neutc infcciious dimmse of unknown origin. A clinical study
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"A single type of nephritis is not characteristic of so-called
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A case lent by the College of Surgeons of Ireland, shovring the oblit-
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cachectic offspring, than to one affected by any palpable
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Bureau of Surgical and Medical Relief at Bellevue Hospital for
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suddenly ceases, though a few gaseous bubbles still continue to
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able amount of fluid from the tissues, and that the blood in circula-
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eye when that organ is adjusted to different distances ; or what in
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polemic ; and hence we shall only say a few words in re-
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retrogression of the tumor. In some cases of rodent ulcer which
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In syncope ether is a valuable diffusive stimulant. It is also
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stain is applied in the usual way, using gentian violet as the dye
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law of animal life — as an organism is used it gains the power of
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one ilium up along the margin of the short ribs, then across
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opportunity upon the child already born, to acquire the knowl-
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few coatings of collodion will be found advantageous.
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at unusual times with the idea of debility. Thus the first idea
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