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The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

A New Cure for Cancer, — Professor Mosetig, of Vi-

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syringing while discharge lasts, these cases had best be let

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■Board for the establishment of State Insane Asylum

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Schott, Theo. : Contribution to Tonic Effect of Carbonated Thermal-

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fenofibrate 160 mg para que es

Cold Applications for the Relief of Palpitation. — Dr.

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taining morphine, chloral, or cocaine, should be refilled

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at the London Hospital, with the most excellent results.

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upon to adjust themselves for the proper balancing of the

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cember nth, an adult male, with pulmonary tuberculosis

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stimulate the efforts of nature in the production of the

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cases of similar vomiting before the formation of vomicaj

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Jonathan Wright ' says : " In severe cases of tonsillitis

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sparing use of either fermented or spirituous liquors never

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the various points from time to time. — Nejo York Medi-

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knows, as every surgeon must know, that an artery pulsates,

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well, when he neither exaggerates, nor diminishes this pro-

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greatly diminished by these complications, then the fail-

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tion, with mucous rales in the chest. No gastro-intestinal

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tages of the operation are well known, but the mortality

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external wound. No blood vessel of magnitude was divided,

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Cases. The means for treatment advised are : i. Dilata-

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drained by simple incision is also proved to have been

tricore patient portal

degenerated striated muscle-fibres ; scattered through this

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only etiologi al factors which can be regarded as of de-

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London Lancet, terminating in death on the third day,

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H. R. Hopkins, .M D., of Buffalo ; " Etiology and Patho-

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history : Mother died of pneumonia ; father alive and

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toms that have escaped general notice ; and I would here

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decessors ? So fluctuating is the science of chemistry, that we

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for examination in the usual branches, and from these

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iodoform gauze packing was placed within the vagina. A

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