The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

mother died, aged sixty, cause unknown ; seven sisters
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interstitial tonsillitis, were it not doubtful whether an in-
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by O. B. Douglas, M.D., of New York; '• On the Causes
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ment itself was concerned. I now never use it in such
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patient was still very irritable, and on October loth re-
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scepticism can be noticed. Even in Germany professional
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rarely met with in civil practice, and there, with an occa-
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In these experiments the increase of the gas was uniform*
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pathogenic bacteria on the human organism is very vari-
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experienced what happens in common transfusions, made
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the apex of the left lung. It was surrounded by a fibrin-
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a praise that is justly due to all who have taken part in
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regimen, with rest and occasional venesection, are credited
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founding them, incalculable injuries may arise ; and that all
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nitrogen in the permanent gas as 3*32, *8 must be subtracted
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more viscid ; a peculiar howl, which is described by Flem-
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tion I brought him before this society showing a perfect
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remedy. Clinical observers also are finding the ultimate
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to pass a minute filter, which is kept impregnated with
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no circuit-breaker there is no perceptible current. Figs.
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in any particular zone. This has been shown graphically
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liquid of ether odor and chloral taste. Brought out last
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He attributes its cause to the changed condition of
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school and the teacher's family become separate institu-
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ity offices of drudgery along similar lines. However
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Medical Legislation in Nebraska. — \ bill for an act
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court where the offence is committed, by presentment and
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better than it has been hitherto. He has taken none of the
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heim, we would still be far from knowing the relations, the
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Upon your second v-isit you are bowed out with insulting
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away from Mars and horrid wars, and was setting her
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ity. The spark andiBtatic electricity had become sjTiony-
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cal. Of curetting it may be said, that if justified'hy the

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