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The Cape of Good Hope

Classificaion Inderal

Thursday, 12th July 2018

.,^^^J^^'^ the isi^rviston and 1f»tnict1on of the veteHnaiy officer Jn <Aarge.

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of the patient's cutaneous sensibility, we must make a special test of all

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immediately ensued in these patients, and the appropriate position of the

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Prefatory Remarks. — Scurvy is one of a group of diseases which may be

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f or this examination will be examined in the following branches only :

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crusta (see Fig. 126). The fibers for the cranial motor nerves here lie nearer

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action on the ganglion cells. The Massachusetts State Board of Health

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nor above twenty-one years of age. The scholar will be required to

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strictly to the distribution of a single nerve. In general the radial and ulnar

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Medicine, 8 piastres ; Doctorate in Medicine, 5 piastres.

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