The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

Cataflam Em Gel Bula

Thursday, 12th July 2018

could learn in one year what the brain of the child learned

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taught us the benumbing influence upon painful nerves of

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in the records of the class, and that a committee shall consult

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point that might be canvassed : Is it right for a rich cor-

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Case IV. — Mary B , aged thirty-two, is a fair ex-

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no more than mere traces of lithium. His urine collected

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charcoal, arsenic, and hydrogen: whether they are mixtures of va-

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meeting of German physicians held at Bremen, stated that

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that it becomes the duty of every man of observation, to detect

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been fourteen years of age or over, my first question

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tance. I have several times witnessed its great efficacy in

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to 1,000 — by means of a cotton pledget, though the < au-

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cesses of Lips and Eyes ; Lan^e Cervical Glands. — Boy,

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tube. Adopt this method with the individual case. 6.

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ether of the collodion penetrates to the root of the hair,

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Eaw-hide Rings. — Speaking of rings, mention had not

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regarding the seventy of the unwritten law of professional

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cancer did not seem to have any direct effect upon the

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age, a native of this country, married, rather fleshy. He

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agency of combination. Sulphur and metals, alkaline earths

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seem to be due to the condition of the blood, the general

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The operation differs from any yet done. Lannelongue,

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standing, and bring to it a res|)ect now lacking. Another

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phur distilled from iron pyrites in vacuo, which arose in the

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plexion. Under those circumstances great and increasing

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the previous year. Subsequent to the first outbreak of

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The fourth class of calculi, those found in the urethra, of-

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