The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

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the surgical treatment. He had made all the dissections

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of Newton, Mass., Drs. Hitchings, Penniman, Colburn,

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lege of Physicians and Surgeons be, and the same are hereby

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In preparing this article for publication it seemed to me

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of an offended Deity. Scarce a solitary lizard, or a creep-

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pensive, or they were too concise, presupposing an amount

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my statistical statements were actually based upon 1.58 1

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school and the teacher's family become separate institu-

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cal opening. In one case, in which the knee-joint was

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medicament used robs the microbes of the power of re-

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blood is, of course, the first indication. And while the

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pected, and by these relapses the disease may be pro-

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chial breathing, and fine rales. 'l"he lungs elsewhere, to-

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work. Her temperature and pulse were normal and she

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ship may cause a variation in the blood-pressure in the

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aperture the remainder of the cavity is now scraped well.

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sensory sensation of lightness and buoyancy of the mem-

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but that one at least (the third) is of such a nature that

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cure glycosuria, although it doubtless may ha\e a decided

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tated the steps of the operation. A spiculum of bone,

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it may be very dark when the arm has been bound up any

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was known from the first, and Professor Koch's state-

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forced to harbor and submit to such degrading systems.

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eleven o'clock on the mornings of February 27th, March

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nary hospital at Boston witli rabies. Dr. Ernst tested

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cure of catarrh could only be effected by curing the con-

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are formed in the kidneys, and voided without undergoing

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investigations are those of bacterial poisons, which he

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weeks since she contracted a violent catarrh, attended with

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are heated together combine only in one proportion, a grain

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Case II. — Charles K , aged twenty-four, painter.

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Heretofore, in all parts of the world sanitary work has

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exhibiting himself in a Bowery Museum as " The first

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charged as it were with an atmosphere of insanity ; of the

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