The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

Pariet Ila Fiyat

Thursday, 12th July 2018

"I kept my patient in bed for one week, using the heater
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one followed another in so close succession that she rarely
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is much hindered the tidal air (i. e., the amount of
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was held in Springfield on October 25th. The morning
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smearing the lymph, in case one prefers the points.
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of his medical attendance and burial, not exceding one hun-
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William Wood & Co., 1910. Pp. xxv-1242. (Price, $6.)
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describes the technique of intravenous injections of
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a little on the exhaustion and submission of the pa-
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rooms, lecture halls, baths, six dispensaries, building for
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further flowing together of the drops ; for, if the flowing
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The proper presentation of the foetus should be ob-
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illness. Her mental condition was perfectly normal, no
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iiard (Fuchs) et, en Angleterre, la digitale porte le
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\^'HITE.— In S'~,rinn'field. Illinois, on Saturday, December
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10. Choked Disc in Its Relation to Cerebral Tumor and
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times as great as the dosis cnrativa; while the fact
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tion is not too prolonged, do not cause anaemia, but,
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fluid. The liver, intestines, and peritoneum were all ad-
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retique que dans certains etats pathologiques, dans
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contrast to cases in which a sinus follows operation,
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Taege Erfolgreiche iBehandlung eines syphilitischen
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has never been attained in artificial baths. During
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is to their ignorance of this subject that we should.
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Hospital was established thirty years ago, and in that
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ulcers beneath the foreskin and consequently they were
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For it finds rare diversion for sich idlers as these,
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tally, physically, and sometimes also morally, there
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(2) Glycogenolysis (the re-conversion of glycogen into dex-
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death of a friend, fright, or some immoral act, espe-
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Serum reaction: October 8th, +-|-; October 15th, + .
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water, or wet it well, and then lay it under the Tile, the
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a profuse purulent discharge. Forty-eight hours' growth
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depends upon the efhciency of the forces which exist be-
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selves : Can the dose be accurately and scientifically
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gust, A. D. 735. In 737 another epidemic occurred af-
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cannot expect executive officers and their wives to
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des niedecins alienistes et neurologistes de France et des

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