The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

Euraxess Ireland

Thursday, 12th July 2018

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called the Greater , it is fo very like thereunto, that
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and is called by the Piemontoije , Anthora , quafi An-
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than the Great White Afphodil , and fomewhat great-
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Liquid Juice, but more efficacious, and better to be
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which has divers circular knotted Lines, as it were
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Vyrenxan Mountains ■ and being tender Plants, are
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ful Spots therein ; which make it to excel all others
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cine, or in new fashions in anything else. So conservative was
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ifh brown color like unto others , but contained in
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route to the bladder, and that in any case of prostatic hyper-
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has set in and then changes to an ansemic atrophic state. I have^-
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compaffed at certain /paces , with thick , rough, grey-
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originates from the isthmus, but our obsei-vations lead us to believe
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old Ulcers be wafht, it induces their fpeedy healing.
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completely soaked. Or he would pull the left part of the collar of his
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gauze drain saturated mth dichloramin-T. A piece of gauze was
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6 Ounces ; Spring Water a Gallon : digeli 24 Hours !
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Cmsc V. Sketches made at operating table showing steps in operation of resection of humerus
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to this sign, describes in other words something similar. Some writers
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ted on the backfide •, but in any thing elfe little dif-
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fet or brown Spots or Specks , as the other Ferns are,
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Seed- ’ two Seeds always joined together in one Seed
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day after the onset of menstruation, a fresh corpus luteum being in-
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foms, or TinUure of Sena, &c. fo given, ic not on-
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it flops the Flux of Humors to the Eyes, eafes their
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are like to the firjf, having a jingle border oj white
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is the case. Early operation would reduce the mortality, for time is

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