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The Cape of Good Hope

Rumalaya El Cena

Thursday, 12th July 2018

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category. Generally, these patients make fair progress mentally, if there
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a friend's house, when Dr. Williams rushed after him, fired
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tions tend to range ' herpes gestationis ' as a neurosis depending upon
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troubled how to please her new employer, who was no gentle-
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A comparatively slight development of the hair in all parts of the
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Palmar eczema generally affects both hands, but may be confined to those
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There are two other conditions to which the term is still applied, and
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or other diseases such as cystitis, diarrhoea, or diabetes. .Further, it may
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lose their distinctive characters and are converted into colloid clumps.
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of the mastoid process, and into the outer half of the superior curved
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hyper-pigmentation is considered as " reflex " ; but no argument worthy
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scales are present the doubt is removed; these are found in psoriasis,
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friction of ill-fitting clothing, bedding, the saddle, and the like, and so to
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the feeblest current which will cause a contraction of the muscle, apply
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seventy-four, when he succumbed to his cruel foe. Five
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ghastly grin, the eyes being half closed and the angles of the mouth
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gulled the world by pretensions, that the satirists have
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is virtue in camphor to prevent infection ; that sulphur or
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malarial fever is caused by mosquitoes, give the disease and the insect
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or the recovery may be partial ; the patient being no longer able to fulfil
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When the injury inflicted is no more than is enough to prevent a threat-
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The minute anatomy of the normal spongy gray substances, and of
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cases, adolescent psychoses of a more partial kind are apt to occur ; such

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