The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

burgh recently to debate the grievances of over work and
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of Disinfection with Reference to Treatment of Wounds ;
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a boy of the patient's age the latter might be administered
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ated in diseased action ; or the disposition of the wounded
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cation between tissue which is hopelessly doomed, and
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made pleasant to handle. Perforations made with a nail
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by absorption, but chiefly by expulsion in coughing. The
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that the patients already sufferir.g from incipient tubercu-
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in the right arm ; motion is much more impaired in the
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which would supply the materials demanded by the ner-
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for Rapid Dilatation, Holt's Operation, in the Treatment
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ammonical gas over mercury to a small quantity of the liquor
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pursue their usual occupations ; others who kept their hou*
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about 3,400. The chief reasons for putting these counties
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every operator has his ligatures wound upon glass tubes
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I have had them in some instances to come thirty and
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tain conditions of chill and emotion the whole arterial
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is not to be regarded as a complication due to an altered
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sciences. Many of the phenomena of electricity as re-
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tea-spoonfuls, as is too frequently the practice even in cases
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ammonia, two substances which have been generally con-
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course should be had to depleting remedies and to an abstemi-
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on general therapeutical considerations, is brief and to
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only to be remedied by the antiphlogistic treatment. But
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to investigate, more precisely than I had reason to think had
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that he preaches." Perhaps only the man who has been
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the seat of the higher operations of the mind should, when in-
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which was blistered : this convinced me that the closer the
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generally afforded entire relief from these symptoms, al-
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an autointo.xication due to the formation of poisonous
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nz. : (a) Infants under vaccination age ; (/') all those in
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erated in the predisposi'd by the fright. These extremely rare and
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consideration of the various modes of finger infection is
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character, the subjects are treated with rare judgment, its
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to confer degrees, shall not take place until Professors shall

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