The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

Tng Tricorder Prop

Thursday, 12th July 2018

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maladies of the larynx are very ticklish things to handle,
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— Dr. a. p. Gerster said that where a special instru-
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true in all cases of large gummy tumor involving the cil-
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the observatory stands, and at nearly the same depth below
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pupil, familiarly slapped Professor Winckel on the back,
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deserve consideration, because the conclusions arrived at
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speaking English first, then German. He visits at a time
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and, in fact, did early occur to physiologists ; but why have
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complished the fibres will be still farther elongated, yet af-
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although they may be suffering from the same form of
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cures. If to this result be now added those obtained by
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absolute density of the current density at any given mo-
ter currents, as I understand is the suggestion made by
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demial in this district of country, (from its contiguity to the
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object if it would do him any good, and he had not op-
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around the nipple, no nausea, nor purple hue of the va-
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prisons and canals, through the assumption by the Com-
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retention thus occasioned by suspending the power of the
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gistic treatment improper in scrofula, analogy should teach
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three stages of the disease according to anatomical
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November 20th. History of impaired digestion and of
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the kind, a very remarkable case is also given by Dr. Moli-
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it could be pulled off exactly like gloves or stockings.
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no mention is made of the size, location, and other im
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involved in the inflammatory changes to any extent, other
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agent which destroys micro organisms without having a
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movements, mental disturbances, usually in the form of
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and not the size of the wound should decide the question.
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lar a figure, which is found in the substance of the crus ce«*
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