The Cape of Good Hope
The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

as a royal Bengal tiger. It would also appear to be con-

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surface appears to be composed of strong parallel fibres, of a

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Dr. Biggs reported a case bearing upon the relation

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tisan of truth alone ; and I can indeed say that I have

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Hosmer .Allen Johnson, one of the oldest, as well as one

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prisoned in that f.ateful eastern land of Asia, where the

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Contagious Diseases — Weekly Statement. — Report of

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severity does not lead to extensive destruction of gan-

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which this disease has ever yet, we believe, been known to

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staff, we proceeded to the operation upon the patient,

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sis than to any others. If this plant will afford a good crop

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made use of the osteoplastic resection by a preliminary

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other symptoms. On admission the patient was rational

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where these two strings crossed of necessity passing over

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mission of the general government of the institutions. If

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pearance of e.xanthem on face. The laryngeal ulceration

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valve to the top of the ureter. Urine began to drop out

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dition and the temperature of the patient showed no

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enforced retention. It is often the first cause of a per-

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forms of paralysis of voluntary muscles it will more

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exceedingly the want of leeches, which promised every thing

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caine and iodoform in solution are used as local an-

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give it a fair trial, but from what I could learn, especially

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absence from home cares and responsibilities ; the eleva-

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reached with a knife. I sometimes resort to an expedient

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