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The Cape of Good Hope

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Thursday, 12th July 2018

treatment. If tuberculin had the power to cause this

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In addition to the indication of the patient's constitution,

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James Paget), who is also a distinguished alumnus of the

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fellow-citizens : Provided, nevertheless, that the said faculty

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frankly admitted that electro-statics in practice will give administrations), and

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exhibition in pills, it can he used in a disguised form, where

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a medical societ)-, nothing can prevent him from intro-

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On admission to the hospital she was markedly anjemic

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pear unworthy of pursuit, and they may possibly tend to im-

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sis of the muscular sense, slight headache, but no mental

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corpuscles were to be seen. The terminal bronchi in the

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merus were immediately employed, but as the inflammation

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of a half hour's birth, who now for the first time open

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The several systems of Descartes, Sylvius, Delebre and Bo-

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small-pox and typhoid fever. Brouardel states that vari-

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was seen in scattered patches. Exudation rather less

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such untwisted catgut should be used in the formation of

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coagula as early as the first day, so as to be no longer

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have acted as an exciting cause in producing this inflam-

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equally severe tonic spasms, and paralysis. It is a fact

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pain occur? This pain, this redness, this increase of swelling,

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symptoms, including impairment of the function of ac-

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experiments upon the decomposition of ammonia, yet I shall

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broad ligament-compressing forcejis and eight catch-for-

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The general subject will be discussed further at tlie

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next morning the animal's collar was brought back by a

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the appearance indicated a miliary bulbitis ; perhaps they

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ly 23 per cent, of water. From my own observations I am inclined

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consideration must at least be briefly reviewed. For a

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surgery and pneumonia at the same time, and note how

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cent.). 10. The preferable antiseptic injections are a

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well, had had no nausea, no trouble in any way save from

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gold), or tin. A nickel-plated surface will answer. This

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be less painful, and the child is not terrorized by seeing

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In all experiments of this kind, a considerable quantity of

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